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How to Invest Your First $100 (200% Return)

In this video, I show how to invest your first $100. This is based on my opinion and what I would do if I was to start fresh today and invest my first $100. This is not your typical how to invest your first $100 video. This is a strategy and blueprint on how to take that $100 and quickly flip it for a 200% return. Once we have that 200% return we will then start a longer term investment plan. I think you will enjoy this video, it took…

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Stock Market Investing (2019) [Invest US Stocks Index review Stalking the Bear Market ]

The ARMR Report covers Stock Market investing through the millennial lens. This isn’t your Dad’s stock market and it certainly isn’t your Granddad’s. This is the millennial market and it requires millennial tools to excel. We will be sharing with you information directly off our trading desk with a focus on the interaction between traditional fundamental analysis and millennial execution. We begin each show by grinding the news of the day grist through the algorithmic mill. Our desire is to help you reduce the noise and manage your investments through…

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