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How to invest if you’re a busy professional

If you are a professional with good income and strong financials you can leverage that to generate wealth and passive income.

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Greg is a serial entrepreneur, real estate developer, coach and mentor. Over the past 23 years he has bought, developed and sold over $250 million in real estate, built and renovated hundreds of custom homes and commercial buildings and started 12 different companies from the ground up. Greg is an expert on the topics of entrepreneurship, real estate development and all aspects of real estate investing.
He has spoken at industry conferences and mastermind events around the country, he’s been a guest commentator on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto and The Dave Ramsey Show and is a regularly interviewed on the top business and real estate investing podcasts today. Greg served in the United States Navy right out of high school and has always been a leader in the community advising and serving on the boards of several churches, ministries and non-profit organizations. Greg currently coaches some of the top entrepreneurs, real estate developers, apartment syndicators and real estate investors in the industry today.

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