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The #1 Investment of 2019

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This begins from an exclusive investment club called Tiger 21. They’re a carefully, hand selected, intelligent group of investors who pool their expertise together to find the most profitable investments. And from that, they’ve decided to shift their focus towards one investment in particular: REAL ESTATE

That’s right, my favorite subject in the entire world besides my own 20-cent iced coffee…REAL ESTATE, which now accounts for 28% of its portfolio allocation.

And Tiger 21 isn’t the only investment group who agrees…we’re seeing a strong surge in real estate ETFs and Investment Trusts, which have led the markets recently among all of the asset classes.

Plus, Real Estate Investment Trusts going up in price aren’t the only sign that people are beginning to pay closer attention to real estate…because a recent survey from BankRate shows that 1 in 3 Americans believe that Real Estate is the BEST place to put your money over the next 10 years…and real estate won by a significant margin over stocks, cash, bonds, and gold.

I believe much of this comes really down to three simple words: Low Interest Rates.

Low Interest Rate are like a fertilizer for real estate prices…and it’s also like the catnip for real estate investors, because they KNOW that low interest rates usually translate into LOTS OF PROFIT.

Since the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates, it just made Real Estate a LOT more affordable for buyers…this means that buyers can pay MORE for a property, potentially increasing demand and further driving up prices.

But that’s not the ONLY reason the ultra-rich are bullish on real estate right now…because there’s another, more subtle reason that not as many people are discussing: That’s INFLATION.

Real estate prices generally BENEFIT from inflation – because overall, throughout our history, real estate prices have increased in value, in conjunction with inflation. So, for example, if we see 2% inflation next year, one might expect to see real estate values increase at a similar rate.

So given this information, given the record low interest rates, and given the external pressure to KEEP interest rates low…one can start to see why real estate is slowly becoming a safe haven investment for so many people, including myself.

But as always, this video is only for entertainment and informational purposes…and isn’t investment advice!

For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at

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