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How to Start Investing in ETFs and Build Passive Income

How to start investing in ETF to build passive income. In this video we break down what it takes to retire from dividend payments

Warning: if you’re here to get rich in 3 days then please click off the video and come back when you find a way because I’m still looking.

Now in this video were going to break down the best way to invest in ETFs, to build passive income either through apps or the companies directly and with large and small amounts of money. So worries this should be able to apply to you no matter what.

What is are ETFs?:

Standard: Its an exchange-traded fund, sort of like a basket. Instead of buying each fruit in the basket which in this case are stocks, bonds and more, we buy a fraction of the basket and now we own a part of everything inside. This way, you don’t have to buy all the fruits or stocks separately.
Simple explanation:

Ways to invest into ETF: quick summary full video just let me know

1. Financial Apps
– Robin Hood
– Wealthfront
Minimum $500
Management fee .25%
No fractional shares
– Acorn
2. Standard: Trading fees, no fractional shares, Minimums
– Etrade
Minimum $500
No partial shares
Trading fees for stocks

One thing I remember though was the great customer service
– Vanguard
No minimum just enough to buy one share
No fractional shares
No trading fees online, over the phone $25 per trade
– Td bank: 6.95 per trade

3. Which one would I pick
Acorn, Robinhood

Pros: before I get to passive Income
Less risk: you’re sometimes diversifying in 10s, 1000s stocks so a lot of diversity. ( lower risk though, lower returns)
Less work: you are tracking the market not actively doing research on each stock
Lower cost: cheaper than mutual funds

Too much diversification: meaning less room for massive growth
Low Risk: most of the time means less money

How to build Passive income from it
1. It’s not overnight
2. Voo for example 1.50 per share ever quarter
– Treasury Bond Etf some payout every month with great
3. The bulk of your money is going to come from dividends, and this takes a lot of money
4. Acorns example 2.35% dividend based on your balance, growth is 7-12%.
5. Math invests 500 bucks every month for the next 30 years I’ll have around 1.8 million that will pay me around 3,900 bucks a month.
6. But that’s me investing 5% of my income every month. Eventually, that amount will keep growing.

Final thought:
If I had to pick I would go with Acorn for now, until I hit 1m and then transfer to m1 finance to avoid the fee, and then get leverage on that money. But again we are talking about long term investment, so maybe in the future, everything will change.

And don’t forget this should be a side investing for the future, not the main one, it takes to much money, and the return is low. You would be better starting a business, real estate or any side hustle.

I’m expecting to earn 165 dollars this year from a 7k investment.






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